Door to Door Van Lines partners with other moving companies and van lines to assist us in our goal to keep moving and transport costs as low as they can be. We partner with competitors and local companies so that we are aware of what other services are being offered, and at what price. We want customers of moving companies to have the best options at the lowest prices available so we constantly update what is offered with the information of services and prices from various companies. Products from these companies include moving, storage and many other related services. Door to Door Van Lines sometimes uses affiliate companies in our operations.

Please note that the affiliate companies we have chosen may change at times so companies that we were affiliated with last year may be different this year. Your move may be handled by one or more of these companies in an affiliated partnership with Door to Door Van Lines. These companies are checked by us before they are allowed to be an affiliated mover with our company. Each company that we have agreed to partner with has their employees go through rigorous and strict training programs to make sure the items of customers are safely transported from area to area. Customers also have the right to know which companies will be used to move their belongings if they choose to know so. This way, the customer will be able to determine for themselves if the moving companies being used for their move is an experienced mover by seeing if they have good reviews from past customers. If you are interested in searching for reviews for the companies that will be doing your move, you can visit websites containing moving reviews for complete reviews of various moving companies.

We can assure you that all the moving companies that we are affiliated with will have great reviews on moving review websites. Door to Door Van Lines is still solely responsible for the services offered and performed through our corporation. Certain moving services may not be available in all areas. For more information on our affiliate partnerships, contact our customer service office at 888-509-5125. If you have questions for moving companies that are affiliated with us, we encourage you to give us a call before speaking with them as we should be able to give you more clear answers since we are the ones who planning your move with them. We also have the information on all the movers involved with your move so we will be able to provide you with that information as well. Our associates will be able to help you answer questions regarding moving and storage as well as any questions regarding affiliate movers which are associated with our company. We are here to help so please don’t hesitate to call, or email our staff on any questions you may have.