Building Relationships


The crew at Door to Door Van lines are highly trained professionals. The services they offer to customers are unmatched by any other in  the industry. Even though they are extremely devoted to what they do, each and every one of our office employees makes it their primary goals to leave the customer with a sense of satisfaction that no other company could provide.

We know that a lot of people haven’t had the best experiences with movers. Door to Door Van Lines works tirelessly to strengthen the relationship between the moving company and the customer. There are a lot of things that other companies advertise in terms of making the customer feel like the company actually cares about them. We know that saying something and actually following through with what you say is two different things. Even though there are a few things that companies promise when it comes to making the customer happy, most companies seem to lack the ability to really connect with the customer on more than a professional level.

  1. Trust: We make sure we are clear about what services we are offering to you and what we are charging for those services. We believe that we are able to provide the best carrier service to our customers when we know that you have complete trust in our ability to get the job done.
  2. Knowledge: Our carrier service caters to our customers so we make sure that we know what our customers want by asking them questions regarding their priorities during the move. If a customer has a special request, we make sure to cater to that request to the best of our ability. What we don’t know about the customer’s needs may be detrimental to the move, so we make sure to write down their needs before the start of the move.
  3. Communication: We make sure to communicate with you throughout your move so you are always informed about what is going on regarding the transfer of your items. By communicating with the customer every week, we are able to allow the customer to build trust in us and the services. By communicating we are also able to develop knowledge about the customer’s requirements so we can work to satisfy.
  4. Integrity: We have strong moral principles when conducting business with customers and network carriers. We have strict policies that all that work with us must follow. We teach all employs to value our customers and most of all value them selves.

Door to Door Van Lines makes it possible to get a job done quickly and professionally while also ensuring that the individual needs of the customer are met. In this case, it is important to ensure that customers are happy with every part of their move. Door to Door Van Lines will not rest until every customer is satisfied, because we put the customer first. If you are interested in using Door to Door Van Lines, we encourage you to give us a call at our number 800-521-4535. Our associates will be on the line ready to assist you with your questions or with planning a move.