Business Movers

Business Movers


Move Your Business with Door to Door Van Lines

Door to Door Van Lines offers a wide variety of services to our customers. One of our most popular moving options is business moving. The movers we choose, are a professionally trained staff and sales team that is happy to assist with any business moving inquiries you may have, as well as tailor the move to your specific needs.
We understand that there are many different needs when it comes to business moving, and our team will stop at nothing to ensure that the needs of each and every customer are met to the utmost of our abilities. As such, we offer a broad array of services that are intended to meet the needs of each and every person in search of business moving.

Door to Door Van Lines offers services such as:

Cubicle Moving
Our movers are skilled in breaking down and building up cubicles in order to transfer them from office to office.

Computer Equipment Moving
We take extra care when dealing with electronic equipment, especially equipment that contains sensitive information.

Office Furniture Moving
Heavy office furniture can be carried easily by our movers from your old location to you new one.

Server Moving
Data servers are transported in containers that protect against weather as well as rough road conditions.

Cabinet Moving
Heavy file cabinets are packed and transported easily without needing to remove the files from the cabinet.

Business moving services are available for the needs and requirements of different circumstances. Moving your business with Door to Door Van Lines allows you to choose specific moving services that other companies have yet to make available to customers. We understand how important your business is to you, which is why we make it one of our missions to provide you with the best and most thorough business moving services possible. We specialize in moving businesses of all sizes. Whether you have one employee or one hundred, we will make your moving process as easy as possible.  We have taken the time to cultivate a team of employees that puts the customer first, meaning that our professionalism and passion for moving will color your experience with Door to Door Van Lines. We can also connect you with business moving insurance in addition to the carrier’s basic coverage. Business moves can be insured on multiple tiers in the unlikely event that anything should happen to your items during the move.

Door to Door Van Lines has a workforce that will go above and beyond to meet the needs of every customer. Our employees speak multiple languages and are able to understand the business moving needs of the community around them. Do not hesitate to give us a call for whatever you may need. Our sales office staff will be happy to help you set something up.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding moving, give us a call or email us.