Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my move?

Paying for your move is easy! Here are a few different ways that you can go about payment:

  • Over the Phone: You can submit a payment over the phone by simply calling the number listed on your contract. A payment can be made using a debit card or credit card.
  • Online: Most moving companies accept online payments using the same methods listed above. Check your carrier’s website for more information on online payments.
  • By Mail: Send a money order or personal check to the address that is listed on your contract.

What happens if I pay for my move late?

Each moving company has a different policy when it comes to payment problems or lack of funds to pay for the move. Some companies may offer a grace period if you do not have the funds immediately available, while others may send you to collections while keeping your goods until payment is received. If a payment can not be made when needed, contact the company in order to arrange a different payment situation.

Are moving companies self-regulated?

Moving companies are under state and federal regulations. State officials keep an eye on companies to ensure that they are issuing fair pricing. Unfair practices that are caught by regulating agencies are immediately brought to the attention of law enforcement officials. States have the power to pre-approve moving rates, as well as conduct occasional inspections on companies. Claims are also handled through federal arbitration companies.

Why should I choose Door to Door Moving?

Door to Door Van Lines prides themselves on being a company that offers the best in terms of service quality as well as professionalism and low rates. Door to Door Van Lines partners with national carriers in order to provide the best moving services possible. There is no moving service quite like Door to Door Van Lines.

How Will Door to Door Van Lines determine the cost of my move? 

Door to Door Van Lines will offer a very competitive price for each and every move. Our prices are structured to be the lowest they can be, and in order to maintain this we take every step possible to ensure that our prices are fair and our service is outstanding. The cost of any given move is most accurately determined via an onsite estimate.

Do All moving companies offer the same prices as Door to Door Van Lines? 

Not all moving companies have the same rates as Door to Door Van Lines. Our company does research on competitors, which is then use to determine the best and most competitive price for the services we provide. Because we partner with other companies and carriers, we are able to offer discounts and low rates that are sure to bring continuous business, all without compromising the quality of our services.

How do I determine what kind of move I need? 

The services required for each individual move vary based on the size and distance of the shipment. Our professional estimators are able to give an accurate description of what services will be needed, as well as what the rate is for these services. All it takes is some basic information provided by you, the customer, and a move plan can be tailored to directly fit your needs.

What if I have questions or concerns regarding my move or the price I am being charged? 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your move, we are always here to help. Give Door to Door Van Lines a call, or go to our website, where you may be able to find an answer to your question.

Can I add services while the move is taking place?

Yes, it is possible to add services during your move. Sometimes, it is necessary to add service charges during the move for unforeseen circumstances (ex. a flight of stairs). These charges are never added without first notifying the customer. If you would like to add unpacking services, or reassembly, that is always a possibility as well.

Who do I speak to about adding services?

You can speak to the foreman of the job if you would like to add a service as the move is taking place, or you can call Door to Door Van Lines prior to the move. Remember that adding services will change the final price of your move. These services will be noted in a new copy of your contract.