How To Get Cheap Movers, Guide in 7 Easy Ways


1. Starting to Find Cheap Movers Doesn’t Just Happen Overnight
2. Everyone is Looking for Deals… Get Em’ Early While You Can!
3. Recommendations From People You Trust Are Generally Solid
4. No Recommendations? Read Real Testimonials & Actual Reviews!
5. In-Home Estimates Will Be Your Best Friend
6. Study Estimates, Compare/Contrast, & Understand Additional Services
7. The Legal Status of Any Company is Crucial, Beware of Cheaper Companies!
8. Know Your Rights & Know How to Haggle
9. Cheap Movers are Great, But Make Sure They’re Held to These Standards

Starting to Find Cheap Movers Doesn’t Just Happen Overnight

Getting a good deal isn’t something that just happens, especially when searching for reputable and cheap movers offering quality services. Residential relocation is a costly process, however, knowing what kind of expenses to cut out of the picture can make all the difference during your move. Anyone moving should know what pieces of your relocation to actually invest in.

Finding the cheapest movers is usually the first predicament many people go experience since they simply look for the most cost-effective option within budget. Unfortunately, too many consumers are willing to settle for cheap companies offering the basic necessities in exchange for poor quality service and treatment of both belongings and customers.

There’s no reason any mover should suffer through poor quality service simply because the ‘price was right’. In the long run, choosing an affordable, quality moving company can SAVE you money, as opposed to a cheap, shabby company with which you may suffer damages and additional hidden fees.

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean they are scams or rogue movers but can simply mean their moving company offers honest, affordable services. Economical, yet trustworthy moving companies DO exist, so why settle for a cheap moving company with inferior quality?

Moving Authority’s resourceful list of moving companies can help you find a licensed, quality, and trustworthy moving company to meet your need without breaking the bank. We provide a clear pathway to finding reputable, trustworthy, and inexpensive moving companies for all types of moves, including residential. Below is a guide with 7 simple ways to find a moving company you can feel confident in to provide you with quality service all around.  You can check the U.S. D.O.T. Website for more information.

2. Everyone is Looking for Deals… Get Em’ Early While You Can!

When it comes to looking for the best deal, starting your search early is key in the quest for cheap moving companies. As one can imagine, finding an affordable moving company with superior service has become quite the commodity in the moving industry. If you’re looking to cut down on some costs, the sooner you start looking, the sooner you can start booking. The sooner you book, the more likely you are to get a discounted price and your selection of professional, yet affordable moving companies is much more open.

We suggest starting your inquiries at least a few months ahead of your desired move-out/move-in dates. If, after following the routine above, you find a reasonably priced moving company that suits your moving needs and meets U.S.DOT requirements, the sooner you book you move with that company, the higher your chances are of getting some sort of discounted price. Which in most cases, everyone is looking for, of course.

3. Recommendations From People You Trust Are Generally Solid

Finding a cheap company solely based on dollar signs is easy, but how do you go about checking a seemingly great, but cheap moving company to see if their actually reliable or trustworthy? The answer: recommendations. Moving companies, like in any industry, promote themselves by saying their the best at such services for such prices with great quality. Of course, this doesn’t mean they’re wrong, but getting a recommendation from someone or another company can boost your confidence in any cost-effective moving company.

Relocating means entrusting a professionals with your valued belongings. Before giving any cheap moving company the green light a.k.a your money and belongings, ask around for recommendations from any of your social connections. See if they have any affordable and quality moving services they’ve used that they can pass along to you. Getting this kind of personal recommendation oftentime give you the confidence you need to inquire into a company further.

The best part about getting personal recommendations is that they are usually reliable when sharing their experiences. When you get advice or recommendations from friends, family, co-workers, etc., there isn’t any incentive for them to trick you or give you false information. With that said, if you’re looking for low-cost movers you can’t solely rely on personal recommendations alone.

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4. No Recommendations? That’s O.K., Read Real Testimonials & Actual Reviews!

Not everyone has a social network to provide them with personal recommendations, so the next best thing is to research real customer reviews and testimonials. People leaving reviews tend to be brutally honest, whether it’s a good or bad review. This gives you an advantage particularly when you’re looking to find that perfect balance of affordability and quality.

Skimming through reviews is a great way to gain insight into positive and negative experiences of real customers. If you find that the cons of a company outweigh the pros based of off what you’ve read, you can begin whittling down companies. Reading reviews are vital to avoiding scammers, rogue moving companies, and companies that claim low prices but end up charging you more due to “hidden fees”.

Doing some research into other’s experiences with movers can be a great first-hand way to find information, especially for those balancing budget and quality in professional residential relocation companies. Take what you can from these experiences and weigh the pros and cons as they apply to your specific residential moving services.

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5. In-Home Estimates Will Be Your Best Friend

When you’re working with a stringent budget, getting an in-home estimate can be your best friend. To all prospective movers trying to stay within budget, remember the importance of getting accurate estimates before continuing with any companies.

In-home estimates are the best way to get meticulous and reliable quotes. They certainly surpass the accuracy of over-the-phone estimates. An in-home estimate involves a professional form the moving company coming to your home and assessing and evaluating possible difficulties such as flights of stairs, elevators, necessary equipment, special transportation, packing materials, and much more.

Before exploring further, don’t forget to do the following to achieve the most accurate estimates and to be prepared for an in-home or on-site estimate:

Once you have a tangible and accurate estimate of expected expenses, it’s acutely significant to all those searching for cheap moving companies to:

Start off with your inventory and get an idea of what your estimate should look like using the moving calculator tool.

Use a moving estimate tool so that you have an idea of what costs or expenses you should take into your calculations and budget

Get at least 3 accurate in-home estimates from different moving companies

Write down what services are included in those estimates as well so you have a reference to go back and compare

Getting estimates online or via telephone are easy and convenient, however, oftentimes items or inventory can be forgotten or left out. Details that seem unimportant to the untrained eye are critical to movers during an in-home estimate. While you may not think to let the movers know about stairs or an elevator etc., this information is crucial for a moving company to provide you with an accurate quote.

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6. Study Your Estimates, Compare & Contrast, & Understand Additional Services

Have you done all of your research and have several companies to compare? If so, now is the time to take all the informations, quotes, estimates, pros, cons, prices, services, and reviews into consideration in order to make the final decision.

Undoubtedly, price will be the first factor you start looking at. This is completely normal, especially when trying to find an economically priced moving company. Analyze the prices that you acquired by starting with the lowest one first. Ask yourself, why is this quote so cheap? If you find yourself unable to answer questions such as this, you should most likely contact the company to find out more information regarding their low prices, what’s included, and ultimately get some clarification on how they price their services out.

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7.The Legal Status of Any Company is Crucial, Beware of Cheaper Companies!

While the above measures guide you on how to find affordable movers, specifically moving companies that are professional that you feel you can trust to move your belongings with care and quality. However, there is some additional research to perform to be sure that they are, in fact, licensed, insured, and have a withstanding reputation within the industry. Exploring further into the company, remember to check for the following to make ensure that they are a completely legal:

Inquire about their U.S.DOT # (License), Insurance, and Liability information

All legally operating Interstate movers must be licensed with the U.S. Department of Transportation, which, if licensed, will be issued a U.S.DOT number. A U.S.DOT number is required by the USDOT in order to operate legally within the U.S. (all 50 states). A USDOT numbers essentially services s a form of proof that they are licensed and insured, and are operating legally within the moving industry. You can verify any company’s USDOT number through the USDOT website to ensure legal operation.

American Storage and Moving Association (AMSA)

Moving companies in accordance with AMSA are generally considered highly reputable moving companies, as AMSA is an organization held in high regards in the moving and storage industry. If you find one of your optional affordable moving companies on the ProMovers listed on AMSA, this should boost your confidence in that company’s ability to handle your household goods with quality service and care.

Movers’ Websites

Finally, investigating the moving company’s website is a fundamental part of the research process when seeking low-cost residential movers. Check out the site to see if everything looks professional and provides reliable information. On company’s websites the USDOT number or MC number should be readily available and easily found. If you’d like to go a step further, check out any of their social media links such as twitter, google plus, yelp, instagram, facebook, better business bureau, and any other social icons.

8. Know Your Rights & Know How to Haggle

Regardless of whether you need residential long distance movers, Interstate movers, or local movers (intrastate), don’t be intimidated by a moving company. Ultimately, when trying to get the best deal from cheap movers, negotiating is absolutely an option. The total costs of your move depends on a multitude of factors including the weight of your shipment, what services you require, and ultimately, which moving company you’ve selected as your movers.

Many companies offer discounted prices based on various situations–maybe you’re a student, a first time customer, military, booking your move early, and other possible promotions that may be seasonal, for example. You may also want to check and see if their are any online coupons as well.

Even if you’ve chosen a moving company that seems to meets all your needs perfectly, but may be slightly out of your budget, communicate with the movers and see if there is something that could possibly be worked out.

Finding cheap movers is easy, but finding ‘cheap’ or affordable, reputable movers that provide quality moving services isn’t impossible! Using this guideline as a reference when looking for Interstate, long distance, or local movers will make the process of moving on a budget simple through organization and understanding of what to look for in cheap moving companies.

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9. Cheap Movers are Great, But Make Sure They’re Held to These Standards

Now that we have hit some focal points, hopefully, you feel that you have all the tools that you need to make an informed decision about your move. The more confident you are about how to spot rogue movers and how to identify good and upstanding moving companies the better you will feel.

Making informed decisions and using the list of reputable movers on Moving Authority will take some of the stress out of your move so you can focus on your new home and life.

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