Moving Options

Different Moving Options

There are a couple different options you have when it comes to choosing a shipping speed for the arrival of your goods to your new home or office. While most people choose to have their goods delivered at a normal time because there is no need to have rushed shipping, or they do not want to pay extra, a significant amount of people still have a need to get their goods delivered in an expedited way.

Luckily, there are a few ways in which goods can be shipped that allows them to be received more quickly than if they were to just be sent using standard shipping.


How Quick Do You Want It!

The quickest way to ship consumer good is through First Class shipping. Of course, anything advertised as first class comes at a high cost. First Class shipping is usually about $7,000 in addition to the cost of the move. However, choosing First Class shipping will result in your goods arriving at the new home within the span of a week, or no later than 7 days after the shipment was picked up at the old location. This option is best for people who are moving for work and need to start their new position as soon as possible.


The next best way to ship goods is by using Business Class. This is also expedited, but it takes a little more time to ship than First Class Services. Choosing Business Class will probably add about $5,000 to the total cost of your move. Choosing this service will get your goods to the new location in about 2 weeks, or 12 days, after pickup at the old location.


Economy class is the most basic form of shipping your goods. Most moves are shipped at economy speed unless otherwise specified. Using economy shipping services means that your goods will usually arrive in about three weeks, or 24 days maximum, from the date they were picked up.


The different moving options detailed above may vary in price and time based on location and company. Each moving company has different services when it comes to shipping and deliveries. If you have any questions pertaining to the shipment of your goods or the time that they will arrive, then do not hesitate to contact us.


Precise delivery time usually depends on a few different things. For one, if there are weather conditions that will not allow the driver to get to the location at the time previously stated, then they will be slightly delayed. With Door to Door Van Lines, the driver will attempt to deliver the shipment as early as possible. If you choose one of the expedited options (either Business or First Class) then the driver will deliver the goods no later than the latest day promised, no matter what. Review your contract for more specific times of delivery. if you are ever unsure of where your goods are, then you can call customer service, who will give you an exact location and estimated time of delivery.