Payment Options

Door to Door Van Lines wants to make sure you have a variety of options when it comes to paying for your move.

We offer plenty of different payment options for you to choose from:

Over the phone:

If you would like to have your card charged over the phone, simply give the card to your foreman, who will call it in to our office, where it will be processed by our payment department. The office number can be found on your contract. By providing your email, we are able to provide you with proof of purchase and receipt of the services that you are paying for. Our associates will be able to guide you through the payment process if you are not sure how to provide your payment details.


Most  of our carriers offer online payment services for convenience. Secure payments can be made online, and depending on your carrier, are always available. For more information on online payments, please give us a call at our number located at the top right hand corner for more details.

By mail:

To send a payment by mail, simply write a check or money order and send it to the address on your contract. If you have any questions or concerns about payments, contact our Customer Service department, where we will not hesitate to assist with whatever you need. Upon receipt of mail, expect a call from our accounting department for a notification after receiving the payment by mail. Sending payment by mail may take longer than usual depending on the original location of the mail. Since this mail has sensitive information, we recommend you use  high quality envelopes and the fast mail shipping available in the country.


If you do not pay in advance before the vehicle arrives you will be required to pay via cash. This is a strict rule that protects the drivers in the field due to the different time zones that our network works in across the county and this policy will not change under any circumstances. The drivers do not always have the ability to fax, send or receive messages so this is the reason that cash or postal money order will only be accepted at destination if no prior payment plan has been made so make sure that payment are taken care of in advance. Thank you.