In using the services of Door to Door Van Lines, you are protected under certain laws and regulations set forth by government and state administrations. Door to Door Van Lines takes the privacy of our customers very seriously. We will never share personal information gathered from you at any point before, during, or after the move besides for purposes of performing requested services or working with our affiliated companies. If there is any other reason who we may find it necessary to make use of your information, you will first be notified in writing.

The Privacy guidelines set out below detail our practices of gathering and holding on to your personal information, as well as the steps we take to keep your personal information in the right hands.


Information Collection


 Door to Door Van Lines collects personal information that we keep in our secure databases and locked records. We use this information to specialize our services to your needs, as well as make it possible to replace items that are damaged during your move. The information collected from you during the booking of your mov may take the form of:

Information given to us online (through our website) may take the form of but is not limited to items such as first name, last name, address, age, payment information, and marital status.

Information regarding previous moving services, whether they be with our company, an affiliate company, or other company, as well as claims made with this company.

Information given to us by recording agencies, such as lead providers, which share information given online or calls made to other companies.


Disclosed Information


Door to Door Van Lines does not share information that is gathered through our online services or over the phone to companies who are not affiliated with us. We will never share information with marketing agencies or entities who are not part of the moving and transportation industry. We may, however, disclose information about you to our affiliate companies for the purposes of serving you better during your experience with Door to Door Van Lines. State laws also allow for us to disclose nonpublic personal information with our affiliated companies for the purpose of marketing. These types of disclosures cannot be prevented.


Financial Disclosure

We will not share information regarding your finances or payment information with any party other than ones within our company, and only for the purposes of payment collection and processing.


Personal Information Correction

As a consumer, you possess the full right to reproduce and access any personal information that we are in possession of. Furthermore, you have the right to request that we delete the personal information we have collected from you. If such deletion is not a possibility, we will add your views to our records. Contact our customer service number if you wish to perform any of these actions.


Security and Confidentiality

Door to Door Van Lines takes every precaution to protect your personal information. Only people within our company who are involved in your relocation will have access to your information. We follow all federal regulations to protect physical and electronic records of your information at all times.