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Website Use License

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Acceptable Use

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Access Restrictions

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If you are given a User Identification and password that allows you to have access to the restricted areas of this website, you must agree to keep these credentials confidential. If an unauthorized person is given access to this website, access will be revoked without reasonable explanation or advanced notice.



User content is in regards to material, including but not limited to images, video, text, audio material, and other forms of media that are submitted to the website for any reason. Content is not including information that is asked of you for means of estimates or other information gathered for purposes of booking services with Door to Door Van Lines. By submitting media to our site, you are giving Door to Door Van Lines permanent permission to adapt, reproduce, publish, distribute, translate, or in any other means use content submitted by you in media, whether currently in existence or in future productions.


The user content you submit cannot be illegal or unlawful, nor can it violate the legal rights of Door to Door Van Lines or any third party, nor can it allow for legal action to be taken under all applicable laws to Door to Door Van Lines or any third parties, whether affiliates or not. You are not permitted to send any content to the site that has been deemed illegal or unlawful, whether in the past or currently, nor are you allowed to exploit the content of our website for any discriminatory purposes.

Door to Door Van Lines reserves the right to remove or alter any material that is submitted to this website or hosted by our servers.




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Door to Door Van Lines does not warrant that:

this website will be available at all times, if at all;

the information displayed on the site is true, complete, accurate, or forward;

the services and products presented on the site are available at all times.

No information presented on this website is intended to resemble direction of any kind, and is solely provided for informational purposes.


Moving Policy

By using this website you are acknowledging that Door to Door Van Lines is licensed and insured to perform residential and commercial relocation. All services offered through Door to Door Van Lines or affiliates is subject to availability. Rules and regulations vary by state. Availability is on a first come, first serve basis.


Liability Limitations

Door to Door Van Lines is not liable for the contents or use of this website for and consequential loss as a result, whether direct or indirect, of using this site. This is included but not limited to loss of revenue, income, business, savings, profit, loss of business relationships or contracts, or loss of data. These limitations stand even if Door to Door Van Lines has been advised of potential loss in advance.



No part of these disclaimers limit or exclude the liability, or are intended to limit or exclude the liability of Door to Door Van Lines in the areas of

personal injury or death due to Door to Door Van Lines’ negligence;

fraudulent interpretation on the part of Door to Door Van Lines.



If you feel that any statements thus far are not reasonable or agreeable, then you are not permitted to use the website.


Violation of Terms and Conditions

If any of these terms or conditions are violated, Door to Door Van Lines exercises full power to take any action necessary to handle the breach, including suspending website access, blocking your IP address from accessing the website, or following court proceedings against you.



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