We Need From You


Giving Accurate Quote Information

We need information about the inventory of your move. You may be asking what inventory is. Basically, inventory is a written account of your belongings. Inventories usually include the furniture, couches, sofas, lamps, and any other article that will be going in to the back of the van. We use the inventory to take account of the volume of the shipment, then we return to you with a cubic footage or weight estimate. Do not breeze through the process of making an inventory.

The more information we have on this inventory, the more accurate you quote will be. If there is an elevator in your building that we will need to use in order to retrieve your goods, then this must be stated in the inventory. You should make sure that the elevator is available on the day of your move. This is a crucial step in ensuring that the transport goes off without a hitch. We may need to reserve the elevator to ensure that someone else is not using it on the day that it is needed. It is also important to check whether or not there is street parking available. The vehicle has to be able to reach the destination. Most vehicles are around 72 feet long, so it is important that there is at leas that much curb space available for the vehicle, plus a little extra for unloading. As with the elevator, it should also be stated whether or not there are flights of stairs that the men will need to walk up.


In addition to all of this, it should be stated whether or not special packing is needed. If special packing is in fact needed, then this should be stated on the inventory list. If you have any art pieces or other specialized articles to be packed, then these must be stated in the inventory. Sometimes, oversized boxes are also needed for children toys or other oddly shaped objects.


I’m an Executive

If you are an executive, then there is no doubt that your time is very limited. The fact that you don’t have a lot of free time is probably why you are looking for a moving service. We make it easier and faster than ever to book services and have your goods transported as quickly as possible. Full packing is the most popular option for CEO’s or CFO’s when they move. This is basically when boxes are brought by the movers and all goods are packed in to those boxes and placed on to the vehicle. This is a popular choice because it alleviates pressure from you having to pack boxes.


Assistant Work

If you are an assistant to an executive, then all we need from you is any information that you have regarding the details of the move. We make it our top priority to make every move a successful one. This is why the information you give us is crucial. The specifics are most important in a successful move. These details will help us give you the best move possible. Also if your client has a scheduled to keep then communicate this to your move coordinator, we will do what ever is in our mean to explain and make there move as smooth as we can.